Totally Lit's classes are geared towards both actors who are just starting out and those more experienced actors wishing to improve their chances in castings. They aim to give actors the tools to be set-sufficent and to identify each actor's unique selling point. They help those entering the industry to find work and representation and expand their knowledge of the film and TV industries.


Perfect location for anyone travelling into London for a casting or a workshop. We have been using the venue for four and a half years and it has contributed to the rise in numbers of participants, simply due to the fact that it is so easily accessible.The room sizes vary and the flexibility of some of the larger rooms, means that you can accommodate large numbers of people for large-scale rehearsals, or a smaller crowd, for more intimate classes. The kitchen is also available to use, so, self-catering for your guests, or artists is covered and the large waiting area means that anyone hanging around for their kids, or partners, can either sit comfortably and read/do some work, or just jump on the free wifi and watch a movie. The staff are super amazing and friendly. You'll be hard pushed to find another purpose built venue that has the energy and resources that this place has to offer!