Drama Classes London

Drama Classes London provides courses for anyone who has an interest in acting. If you never acted before but you always wanted to try or you have done so in the past and you wish to polish your skills , this course is for you! The areas of performance that are covered are : Acting Technique Improvisation, Movement, Voice, Character Work, Stage Presence. One evening every week you will get the chance to interact with people that share the same interest in acting as you , learn and practice every aspect of an actor's training under the guidance and supervision of Konstantinos, an actor and tutor with years of global experience.


Diorama Arts Centre is a unique, new-fashioned and stress releasing place to work in the field of theatre. The rooms provide all the comfort to work in a safe and clean environment, giving us the pleasure to create art in a modern and peaceful way in the centre of London. Various groups from the artistic world are present everyday in this building and make it an cultural hub. The people who are responsible for it, are always providing the best and give their best to always makes us feel at home. I am really grateful for the opportunity of working in Diorama Arts Centre premises.